The Charity Challenge

The Third Sector is an increasingly challenges environment in which to work. The fundraising landscape is a particularly crowded one, and the proliferation of charities competing for time, space, support, attention and funds seems unstoppable.

Can your team get their voice heard in this melee? Do you have the creativity and innovative skills to present a novel solution to a challenging problem?

Over the course of the Charity Challenge, teams are presented with a live issue currently faced by a charity. Working with a representative of the organisation to understand the background to the business and their global strategy, teams will seek to understand the issues faced by the charity and get to the heart of the problem that they need to resolve.

Working together, teams compete to create a creative and affordable solution that resolves the charity’s challenge as they understand it. With the ability to road test their ideas, access external sources and flesh out their proposed solution with evidence and case studies, teams are under time pressure to deliver.

Pitching their solution as a team, the charity will want to ensure their strategy is authentic, has financial credibility and will gain attention in a complex market. The winning idea will be considered for development and implementation by the charity.