The Apprendista Challenge

The Apprendista Challenge is a team event that puts the theory of team and business development skills into practice in a time pressurised scenario.

Delegates are divided into teams and provided with a detailed brief in which they are required to pitch for the legal work for a major corporation. The chairman, Sir Bertorelli, feels isolated from his current lawyers and communication has suffered due to rivalry between them. It is time for a change.

He has invited five law firms to pitch for his work and for any of the five the appointment would be significant. The chairman is satisfied that all five of the firms have the capability and competency to undertake the work so a beauty parade with a difference has been devised- the Apprendista Challenge.

Technical competence is one thing, but can they work as a team under a highly pressurised timeframe? Can they play off each other’s strengths and provide a creative interpretation of the brief?

Each of the law firms is given the same challenge, to take a revolutionary new product to market. Each firm will be given the same amount of time to address issues including:

  • branding
  • identifying target market with marketing plan for implementation
  • commercial feasibility of the product with financial projections
  • differentiators
  • how sales will be maintained
  • a compelling and singular reason for being hired

The teams will then present in the boardroom to Sir Bertorelli and his two trusted advisors.

The presentations are filmed, feedback is provided in real time in the boardroom and in a detailed written report which covers both preparation and presentation.

The Apprendista Challenge focuses on team building and working, research, time management, project management, presentation and pitch skills.

It is a full day event and has been delivered as part of a trainee induction management programme or as an off site event for a particular team.

Additional workshops can be provided in advance of the Challenge to address the core skills that are put to the test.