People Management

Getting the best from your trainees

Poor trainee supervision costs any firm both considerable money and time. Unhappy, badly supervised trainees will work slowly and ineffectively. They lack motivation and any commitment to the firm and are in effect just ‘sitting out their training contract’.

Trainees need help and encouragement to absorb information and fit in well within their department. They should not be left to flounder nor to find it all out by themselves. A successful training contract balances the needs of the trainee, the firm, the department and its supervisors.

Good supervision is dependent upon the development of key interpersonal skills, especially the ability to provide constructive feedback and communicate effectively. These skills are prerequisites for an empowering relationship between the supervisor and the trainee.


  • The attributes of a good supervisor
  • The role of the supervisor
  • Getting the training contract right for the trainees, the firm, the departments, and  the supervisor
  • Developing the core competencies for effective supervision
  • The Learning Cycle, Learning Styles, and their impact on the relationship between the supervisor and trainee
  • Delegation- making it work
  • Understanding the learning ladder
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Paperwork and procedures
  • Developing a competency framework
  • “Reflective Professionalism”


By the end of the workshop, supervisors of trainees will be able to:

  • recognise the attributes of a good supervisor
  • understand the differing needs of trainees
  • challenge their own leadership attitudes and habits
  • understand how individuals learn
  • identify ways to build strong relationships within the team
  • effectively delegate for mutual benefit
  • deal with difficult situations

Duration: 3 hours