SRA Codes of Conduct 2011 and 2017

The Codes of Conduct are undergoing a substantial rewrite, reducing 45 pages to two Codes of 6 pages each. Key principles remain the same but with key changes in the removal of Indicative Behaviours and Outcomes. There is a Code for Firms and another for individuals. One main change is the ability for firms to conduct unreserved business from an unregulated firm, or one regulated by a body other than the SRA.

How would this work? How would a solicitor, working in one of these unregulated businesses be policed and regulated? Will it devalue the solicitor brand or bring new options to a restricted market?

This programme will explore the suggested changes to the Codes and discuss the new regime and its implications.

Points covered include:

  • Code for firms – key inclusions
  • Code for Individuals – key inclusions
  • Costs, conflicts and confidentiality – the key points
  • How will client money be handled?
  • What about interest?
  • Am I personally liable on my undertakings if I work in an unregulated firm?
  • Where can I get some guidance to help me and my staff?