We provide a comprehensive consultancy to law firms in all aspects of standards-based and other regulatory considerations. Our consultants have extensive experience of working with businesses on complex issues and offering pragmatic and timely assistance.

Our Services Include:

  • Systems Review – We provide compliance ‘Health Check’ of the firm’s policies and procedures to test their effectiveness and to review any breaches that may have occurred and recommend appropriate remedial action. We also undertake a compliance ‘Mystery Shopper’ exercise, interviewing a wide cross section of staff to establish what levels of understanding of the firm compliance policies and procedures they have.
  • Key Policy Revision – We offer a one off or on-going assistance and updating the key policies
  • Financial Crime
    • Criminal Finances Act 2017 – We ensure that you have in place appropriate policies and procedures and undertake a tax evasion risk assessment inline with HMRC guidance. Training is provided for all staff.
    • Anti-Money Laundering – We ensure that you comply with the requirements of the new Money Laundering Regulations and update your AML Policy and Procedures, review your risk assessment procedure both at client inception and ongoing, provide detailed guidance regarding source of funds and provide an Annual Declaration of Compliance for your staff. We provide training to all staff. We  undertake the AML Risk Assessment with you, as the SRA under Regulation 18 are entitled to request access to this.
    • Bribery Act – We provide exemplar guidance on how to train staff on the Anti-Bribery Policy, as well as providing the training, if required
    • Sanctions – We help provide exemplar policy, risk analysis and reporting forms
  • Data Protection – We offer precedent Data Protection Policy and training for staff
  • Equality and Diversity – We deliver assistance on writing the policy and procedures, as well as the creation of an induction pack and other training resources
  • COLP/ COFA Assistance – Working alongside the COLP and COFA to ensure policies and procedures are fit for purpose, devising the annual Compliance Matrix, overseeing the implementation of the Routines and providing full on and off site support, including file reviews.
  • Risk Management – Working with the COLP and COFA along with all the members of the firm to create the Risk Register and Business Continuity/ Disaster Recover Plan.
  • Business Planning – We provide detailed guidance on writing or updating the business plan to comply with the requirements of the Regulator
  • Accounts Rules Assist – We offer clients a reliable and efficient outsourced bookkeeping function
  • SOLPAC – We deliver a special compliance package for sole practitioners that provides all the necessary compliance paperwork, guidance on implementing the policies and procedures, and an optional quarterly compliance review and update
  • Authorisation/ Change of Authorisation – We offer assistance with the completion of FA1 and FA2 forms and supporting documentation including the business plan and conducting a risk analysis.
  • Firm closure – We offer full support in preparing and implanting a firm closure plan.
  • ABS application – We offer assistance with the preparation of the detailed business plan and compliance documentation, undertaking a risk analysis on the proposed business model and liaising with the regulator
  • Conveyancing Quality Scheme – We assist firms with the preparation of the documentation to apply for the CQS. This includes a full review of core practice management standards ensuring that the firm has in place the appropriate systems and procedures to evidence sound financial management, appropriate supervision and operational risk management processes. We assist with the firm’s client care policy and client satisfaction monitoring system with a detailed list of cases and files of management considerations
  • Separate and non-regulated businesses  We assist firms in understanding the implications of restructuring, becoming, or hiving off to, a non-regulated business together with a rundown of the consumer protections that come with that new regime.