Pro Active Business Development

Proven techniques for winning new clients


Proactive Business Development is a largely misunderstood task amongst fee-earners, at all levels of seniority. Sometimes it is associated with the word ‘sales’ and almost always it is miles outside the comfort zone of those charged with the task of understanding it.

This course is designed to deconstruct and re-define the dimensions and parameters of the task. It will also develop the very simple and scientifically reliable practises that fee-earners can put in place to generate the business success and the hard-currency revenue that this process regularly delivers.

Proactive Business development is a process:

  • of creating business rather than waiting for it to arrive
  • that enables one to focus their attention on organisations or business prospects which really interest them most
  • that saves time, rather than wastes time
  • that focuses on business relationship, not matters
  • that focuses on actions, not outcomes
  • that is based on dialogue between people


  • Proactive Business Development – defining what it is and what it isn’t
  • Why Proactive Business Development is now a vital tool in every firms’ survival kit
  • Selecting and targeting our clients
  • Making contact with them – exploring the options
  • Making the business development phone call- tips and techniques
  • Getting past the ‘gate-keepers’
  • Arranging the first meeting
  • Getting the best from this meeting
  • Post-meeting follow-up.


By the end of this highly interactive workshop you will have:

  • a very clear idea of Business Development staging; what goes where, in what order, what comes first and last, and how do the several components of the process neatly fit together?
  • an entirely revised opinion of the relationship between business development tasks (the actual activity required to make the process a success) and their respective comfort zones.
  • a clear understanding of how to proactively contact clients and prospects and generate actions arising and next steps from those points of contact, without ever upsetting them.
  • highly organised approach to getting the best out of client meetings both formal and informal, with both current and new clients.
  • a list of simple and do-able actions to follow from the primary course itself, which will ensure their immediate success with the task, as long as you actually do them!

Duration: 4 hours

Workshop follow up: 1-2-1 coaching sessions are available following the workshop