Presentation Skills

Most professionals are now required to make presentations – to colleagues, to clients and potential clients. Whether it is an informal meeting, or delivering a particularly pressurised argument, the manner in which the information is presented is vital.

Presenting is a skill than can be learned and perfected.

The key to any successful presentation and the aim of this workshop is to address the issue of confidence and unlock and enhance each person’s own unique style of delivery, enabling it to make the presentation work for them.

Delegates prepare three presentations for the sessions and feedback is given in the plenary session, with a detailed report sent to each delegate after the workshop with a suggested action plan for future presentations.


Creating a personal brand

  • Mastering the art of first impressions
  • Working on appearances, handshakes
  • Using a convincing tone

Making the most of the opportunity

  • Be present
  • Be proactive
  • Be gracious

The Elevator Pitch

  • Be memorable
  • Be engaging
  • Be yourself

Planning the presentation

  • Outlining the presentation objective
  • Structuring the presentation
  • Analysing the audience
  • Choosing the correct presentation style – informative, persuasive, explanatory
  • Preparing the materials
  • Keeping it simple, yet effective – less can be more!

Effective communication

  • What makes a presentation effective?
  • Vocal clarity- pitch, tone, projection
  • The impact of non-verbal communication
  • Using visual aids to enhance the appeal and professionalism of the communication

Engaging the audience

  • Understanding the audience – needs, concerns, expectations
  • Staying in control
  • Answering questions

Personal power

  • Identifying one’s own strengths and weaknesses
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Analysing image and what it says about the presentation style
  • Presenting with enthusiasm, conviction, dynamism and motivation
  • Preparing for and handling questions including the ones you would rather not be asked


  • understand the importance of creating a strong personal brand
  • become a more confident, dynamic and persuasive presenter
  • develop the key skills to construct and prepare effective presentations
  • present with clarity and energy and build on your natural ability
  • build techniques to help you overcome your nerves when presenting.
  • handle questions with ease and instil confidence in your audience

Duration: 6 hours for 2x 3 hour workshops

Group size: 7 delegates (maximum)