Life’s a Pitch


This highly practical full day workshop is aimed at raising awareness of the pitch process and developing the essential skills to enable lawyers to pitch successfully for work as part of a pitch team.

The workshop will help anyone involved in the pitch process improve their knowledge, skills and confidence in contending for work against the toughest of competition. State of the art selling techniques will be explored in an environment designed to simulate real-life scenarios.


Using ‘true to life’ business scenarios, this workshop spends one full day immersed in a competitive battle to win the hearts and minds of a carefully selected target client. Through the use of short talks, group discussions, business simulations and game-playing, the program will deliver business development best practice across the following areas:

  • what are the key factors influencing a client’s decision to select professional advisors?
  • how do we make the most of those precious scoping meetings?
  • how should we work as a team in sale pursuits?
  • what are the key questions we should ask at all sales meetings?
  • how do we influence the decision making process?
  • how do we create winning proposals and presentations?

This programme is based on a number of well researched and successful sales modules, combined with the knowledge and first hand experience of very hands on sales professionals.


By the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • undertake the preparation that needs to be done in advance of the pitches
  • prepare effective pitch documentation
  • consider what would make the most effective tram for the pitch in question
  • deliver as part of a team, a well structured and powerful pitch presentation which conveys key messages and meets clients’ expectations
  • work as part of a confident, effective, and coherent team
  • speak with confidence on issues such as pricing options, matter management, and billing

Duration: 6 hours 

Note: It is recommended this course be followed up to 6 months later in order to measure successes