The Art of making the room work for you


Finding time for business development is difficult for most lawyers.

Business development through networking is low cost, low risk and if managed effectively it offers high returns. One of the most cost-effective sources of new work for a law firm is referrals from clients, colleagues and intermediaries. Whatever the source, most people do not fully exploit this opportunity for new work, nor give sufficient consideration to getting quality referrals from colleagues.

This highly interactive course provides an in-depth guide to a variety of different networking techniques and the different circumstances in which they are most effective; ensuring time spent on networking is worthwhile. The course also provides delegates with the opportunity to hone these skills to guarantee the greatest chance of establishing and maintaining useful business relationships for the firm.


  • Understanding where networking sits in the process of business development
  • Networking – The art of working the room
  • Types of events
  • Purpose of events
  • How to plan and prepare as either a guest or a host
  • Managing your personal impact
  • The ‘Art’ of Small Talk
  • Overcoming your networking nightmares
  • Working the room – entering and exiting groups, making effective introductions, getting airtime, building a rapport
  • Use of business cards
  • Defining your network


By the end of this interactive course delegates will:

  • understand The Relationship Ladder – Identifying appropriate contacts for your firm
  • be clear on how to overcome the fear of networking
  • be able to identify the appropriate events to attend to develop your business
  • develop an understanding of how to effectively prepare for a networking event
  • practice the three stages of the networking process: entry, exposition and ending
  • be comfortable with the art of ‘small talk’
  • learn how to use body language to create a strong, lasting impression
  • learn how to maintain the relationships you create at networking events and use them to add value to your firm.

Duration: 3 hours

Note: This workshop can be adapted to prepare a team or department for a specific networking event. Additionally, a further workshop can be added to simulate a networking event. The simulation is filmed and feedback given to the participants.