Managing Performance

Managing performance – both over and under performance is a critical role for the manger and pivotal to the organisation’s success. The module explores the link between high performing individuals, teams and their work input. It explores how to handle difficult or de-motivated team members and when to celebrate success.


  • Defining Performance Management – what is it and why it matters
  • Defining ‘under’ and ‘over’ performance
  • Dealing with a sudden fall in performance and providing support
  • Dealing with the ‘no improvement’ review
  • Dealing with the difficult employees – the aggressive, the ‘bolshie’, the apathetic, the emotional and the ‘know-all’
  • Analysing the causes of under-performance – encouraging ownership of the issue and discussing solutions
  • Setting targets for improvement – SMART and behavioural objectives
  • Dealing with the high-flyer – managing expectations and gaining commitment to both high and low level tasks
  • Techniques and tactics for achieving high performance
  • Performance Appraisals – encouraging self-appraisal in addition to formal review.

Duration: 6 Hours