Effective Business Writing

Creating documents which are clear, understandable and ‘best in class’.


All firms must convey a first-class professional image to stay ahead of the competition. It is paramount that all examples of written communication are faultless. A fee earner’s or managers’ professional reputation can be enhanced or ruined by their written documentation; it is essential that the style, content and message of writing are concise, correct and appropriate.

Communication is now more pressurised than ever before and often, too little consideration is given to its content, structure and tone. Proof reading is often only undertaken superficially or through a spell check facility.

This workshop looks at the key skills involved in effective writing. Numerous practical exercises will highlight the traps to avoid.


Written communication – The rules

  • Reviewing the basic rules of writing – clarity, brevity, accuracy
  • The essential guide to grammar, punctuation, sentences and paragraphs
  • Keeping communication simple – avoiding jargon, slang, clichés and complicated vocabular

Choosing an appropriate style to represent specific information

  • Choosing the appropriate tone and style for each document
  • Presenting information effectively.

Structuring a document

  • Clarifying the purpose and objectives of documents
  • Gathering information and organising ideas into a logical sequence
  • Applying a logical structure to the documents.

Thinking of the audience

  • Expressing oneself in a clear, concise and professional manner
  • Writing with impact
  • Ensuring that the writing cannot be misinterpreted.

Choosing the appropriate mode of communication

  • Letter
  • Memo
  • Email
  • Blog or media posting.


  • Catch errors in daily communications
  • Increase the accuracy of memos, letters, emails, reports
  • Increase the speed of finding errors
  • Present a professional image in all written communication.


  • Understand and apply the principles and techniques of effective writing
  • Choose an appropriate style of writing to suit the message conveyed
  • Produce written documents that are clear, concise, professional, get the message understood and are seen as ‘best in class’
  • Save time through enhanced writing skills.

Duration: 6 hours

Group size: 16 delegates (maximum)

The course can be delivered as a full day or split into two half days or three two hour sessions. The advantages of the last two options are that post workshop tasks can be set and assessed prior to next session.