Continuing Competence – New CPD approaches after the demise of ‘points’

Continuing Competence is the phrase now used to describe what everyone knew as CPD (Continuing  Professional Development).

It is intended to replace the rather arbitrary seeking of 16 hours’ worth of training with an annual  assessment of one’s own competence to do the job and a reflection on what training is required to  meet that need.  

Thus it involves both the firm (through certification by the COLP to the SRA that everyone is  competent) and the individual, who will need to reflect honestly on their own capabilities and  weaknesses and discuss the availability of training. Going forward it will clearly require details as to  how individual firms define competence and evidence how they assess it.  

Topics covered include:

  • The SRA’s new proposals in detail 
  • The Competence Statement 
  • How individuals should respond 
  • What must firms do now? 
  • Creating your own competency framework and aligning training programmes to the frame  work 
  • Adjustments to accommodate the new regime 
  • Opportunities to rethink staff development systems 
  • Reflective self‐development 
  • Redrafting the firm’s appraisal system 
  • Sample paperwork provided to delegates. 

Course length: 3 hours