Business Development

All firms must now have in place robust business development strategies to address the unprecedented changes that have occurred – and are continuing to take place in the legal services market. With consumer pressure for lower fees, greater clarity and speed, Business Development should be a major component in the firm’s overall training strategy.

People Management

We provide a comprehensive consultancy and training service to law firms on all aspects of people management. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the proposition is right both for the firm and its people and achieves the desired goals.


We provide a comprehensive consultancy to law firms in all aspects of standards-based and other regulatory considerations. Our consultants have extensive experience of working with businesses on complex issues and offering pragmatic and timely assistance.

Cybercrime, Financial Fraud and Bribery

Few businesses can be unaware of the risks of fraud being perpetrated by bogus firms, phishers, hackers and bored teenagers. Firms are trusted with vast amounts of client money and are primarily responsible if that money goes astray because the firm has fallen victim to a scam or a forged document.