Business Development

All organisations must now have in place robust business development strategies to address the unprecedented changes that have occurred with greater competition and the uncertainties and challenges of Brexit. With consumer pressure for lower fees, greater clarity and speed, Business Development should be a major component in the organisations overall training strategy.

We work closely with firms to discuss their specific business development goals and assist them to win high-value work through our hands on support throughout the business development process. Our trainers and coaches have extensive experience not just in training, but in having successfully fulfilled the business development role in their own organisations.

Our Services Include:

  • New client appointment setting

All customer-facing colleagues, at all levels of seniority, now have to seriously consider their engagements with clients. It is rarely good enough anymore to just run complete matters and wait for the next one. Very often the people best placed to grow client relationships are the very people working with those clients right now, and happily, being well versed in the skills associated with generating revenue is an exceptionally good way to advance your financial and career standing, not least because absolutely no company in the country can afford to ignore revenue.

New client appointment setting is a combination of procedures, priorities and standards.

  • Who are you talking to, and why?

A client is not just a matter, or a project or an order. Your measure of success in BD will also be about business value, longevity and repeat business opportunities, client relationships and even referred business potential, so choosing the right prospects to engage has never been more important.

  • What are you saying to them?

How are you actually addressing clients about future business potential as well as about current work? Very often we are so busy dealing with today that we omit to consider tomorrow, and so do they.

  • What do you expect of them?

Clients are bombarded all the time with proactive statements of interest from firms who claim exactly the same capabilities as you, so just because you have met them once does not mean they are going to use you.

  • How are you keeping in touch with them?

Neither does it ever mean that they will remember the exact and specific detail of you and your core services a year after they first met you, if indeed they have not heard from you since. There is no single social ‘relationship’ you possess whom you have met just once; why would clients be any different?

Each delegate will emerge from this module with a clear plan of action associated with current and ‘warm’ business relationships, a detailed understanding of exactly how they can go about the task of professionally engaging and re-engaging those relationships set against a realistic time-line for completion and a far more accurate view of what BD really is, and isn’t.


  • Proactive BD training and coaching
  • Marketing & branding

Sessions focus on developing a marketing strategy for the firm and creating a brand which is understood and developed within the firm and then outwards.

  • Secondment coaching

We offer assistance in the creation of a secondment programme to enhance the value of the secondment for the benefit of the client, the secondee and the firm.

We will work with the secondee following initial discussions with the firm, to agree specific secondment goals. We then work to prepare them for the secondment, maintaining contact throughout, and debriefing them at the end of their secondment.

  • Presentation coaching

121 coaching and team coaching sessions are designed to assist in the preparation for specific events. This includes guidance with the preparation of materials, the structure of the presentation and delivery techniques to adopt to make it memorable for the right reasons.

  •  Article writing coaching

We offer coaching on how to write a powerful article that will attract both the editor and reader’s attention. The coaching explores what the hallmarks are for a good article and the techniques for writing one. It also explores how to pitch ideas to both the national, local, and trade press. A full critique is given on any proposed article.

  • Client seminars

Full support given on how to put together the client seminar or event. Our assistance includes the creation of the materials, rehearsal of the presenter and the overall structure of the event. We can also provide assistance with the marketing for the event.

  • Pitch coaching

We offer assistance on researching and writing a compelling pitch. Sessions provide a full pitch simulation to rehearse the pitch.

  • Managing client relationships

We offer training on working with clients to improve relationships and create ‘clients for life’. Coaching on how to cross-sell services between departments and provide a comprehensive service.