Business Development

All organisations must address the significant changes in the market with great competition and the uncertainties and challenges posed by Brexit. The legal services market has far greater competition than ever before and all law firms (SRA‐regulated or otherwise) must be aware of the opportunities, challenges and threats that this presents. Firms must review their marketing strategy, ensure that their staff are equipped with the tools and skills to develop business for the organisations, be able to enhance client relationships as well as building their own individual profiles.

Two Fundamental questions must be addressed:

1. Are you looking to attract new clients, or getting more from existing ones, or both?

2. Who will be taking responsibility for this in your firm?

Then specific issues need to be resolved:

  • some will feel that they are fee-earners and should not be required to ‘do’ business development
  • fee-earners may be unaware of the ‘sales process’ and its components, never having been taught it or the requisite skills
  • there may be a lack of clarity as to how to differentiate the firm’s services from others
  • some fee earners will consider people and organisations to be ‘my client’ rather than the firm’s client and to see no need to cross-sell
  • the firm has provided little or no business development training
  • there may be a patchy understanding of building a relationship from prospect through potential clients to clients and key clients

No firm can afford to underestimate the importance of business development and instilling the skills and understanding early on in the firm’s competency framework and training programme.

Our training workshops are specific to your needs and delivered by experienced business development professionals.