Appraisals in the new regime

Under the SRA’s new Competence regime, lawyers will no longer be needing points for their CPD record. Instead they should be reflecting on what they need – and will need – to bolster their professionalism and reputation.

This a responsibility placed on each individual, but a firm could be criticized for failing to assist in this exercise.

Hence, it presents an opportunity to rethink your firm’s appraisal systems and processes and make them more meaningful and genuinely support the staff who are subject to it.

Points covered include:

  • Existing appraisal mechanisms – pros and cons
  • The new training regime and its requirements
  • Reflective professionalism
  • Techniques for improvement “training”
  • The importance of regular reviews
  • Discussing what has gone right
  • Analysing what has gone wrong
  • Steps to correction
  • Pigeon-training – how to avoid a pile of dead birds
  • Coaching and mentoring; support from others